Fitfood VN specializes in weekly meal plans for a healthy lifestyle. Proud to be the largest meal plan provider in Saigon, we focus on serving a balanced diet specifically designed to help you maintain your weight.

If you are searching for great tasting, healthy meal plans in Saigon, we have a selection of dishes that will keep you energetic during the week. Our extensive menu is good for about 45 days without repeating a combination.

How it works

Pick Your Plan

Select your favorite plans, choose your menu, fill in delivery details in just 1 minute

We Cook

We select the finest ingredients and cook in our professional kitchen


Our team will deliver 2 to 3 meals every day, in the morning or at night

Heat & Enjoy

No planning, shopping or cooking required. Simply heat it and eat ! Bon appétit !

Environmental friendly

The only supplier in the market using bio-degradable bags

Clean & return the black containers to get a refund of 10,000 VND per 10 clean boxes

We provide only one set of cutlery per day to minimize the environmental footprint


Success stories form our beloved customers

Thank you Fitfood for being such a great companion taking care of me in the last few months!

What to say about this company? simply thank you Fitfood VN for bringing on my doorstep every morning this amazing and delicious food!!

Starting with Fitfood.vn 3 meal package, will be handsome soon ok fineee

After a few days of fighting with Fitfood beside me, I lost 2kg.

Singer - actor

You only need to eat, leave everything to Fitfood.vn. Fill your tummy with these delicious and full of veggies boxes

Have been eating Fitfood for 4 months, muscle has never been so defined

Model / PT


We work with our top suppliers and partners for the best quality products


We are proud to be one of the top picks for big events and international brands
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