Eager to start a healthy lifestyle? We are here to answer your common inquiries and show you how our program works.

Fitfood VN is the first Online Meal Plan Delivery Service in Ho Chi Minh City. We offer a unique fusion of Asian and Western healthy meal plans designed to keep you on track with your health goals.

With our subscription-based model, you can bid farewell to the weekly hassle of meal planning and preparation. Simply make a one-time payment for the entire week's delivery, from Monday to Friday. We take care of everything, from calorie counting to cooking, and deliver it all right to your doorstep.

Our commitment to freshness is unwavering. Each day, we craft your meals from scratch to ensure they are at their peak when they reach you. To maintain this freshness, we intentionally store all our meals cold upon delivery. We kindly request you to refrigerate your package upon receipt and reheat in the microwave before indulging.

At Fitfood VN, we understand the daily struggles of modern life. We're here to simplify your routine by taking care of the culinary aspects. No more worrying about cleaning up or making trips to the grocery store. We've got you covered, so you can focus on what truly matters to you.

Choose Fitfood VN for a healthier, hassle-free dining experience

All customers are requested to place their order online at fitfood.vn/order. We have a bilingual system that guide you through the details. Add your favorite packages and any additional snacks into the cart, fill in your delivery details and you are done. An automated confirmation email will be sent to your email address after you submit the form, you can pay us via Bank Transfer or by Cash on the first day of delivery.

Please note that you can customize your order by your own on our website. After you add the products into the cart, select Edit instead of Purchase, pick your own dish as your choice and click Save before proceeding to Payment.

You can note down any special request you may have or send us direct message on Facebook (m.me/fitfoodvietnam). However, please limit the number of requests to 2 since too many may confuse our team which can lead to the unwanted misplaced order delivery.

All meals are prepared fresh daily. Whether you order a package consisting of 2 or 3 meals, we ensure they are delivered promptly to your specified address every day from 8 am to 11 am, Monday through Friday. If you prefer an earlier delivery time, we also provide delivery the night before.

We understand the challenges posed by Saigon's climate, especially when it comes to preserving food quality during transportation. To address this, we utilize cutting-edge Blast Chiller technology. This technology rapidly cools all the ingredients immediately after cooking, ensuring that our meal packages remain cool and retain their freshness.

After you receive your package, please store it in the refrigerator (2 - 5 degrees Celcius) and reheat it in a microwave for around 2 minutes.

If you would like us to reheat it for you, please get in touch with Facebook Fitfood VN's staff. The soups (with the broth bags) cannot be reheatedbefore eating.


Special instructions for Reheating:

  • For sauces, remember to remove the lid before microwaving.
  • For the salad, it's best to warm the protein in our separate paper box in the microwave.
  • For our Vietnamese-style soups, simply tear the bag and pour the soup into the box. Then, reheat the entire box in the microwave for a satisfying, steaming box.

We take our commitment to quality seriously. To ensure the best dining experience, please follow our guidelines, especially if you lack access to a refrigerator or microwave. Failure to do so may result in compromised food quality.

Fitfood follows the new Healthy Eating Plate which was created by Harvard Health Publications and nutrition experts at Harvard.

We aim to cater for those who pursue a fitness and healthy lifestyle. All meals are designed with the best portion of vitamin, protein, and nutrition. We select some of the best superfoods including broccoli, tomato, carrot, spinach or chicken breast.

Lean meat was prepared and cooked fresh daily without adding MSG. Every meal has low sugar content. Most of the meals are served boneless and we try our best to eliminate all the cleanup hassle after eating since we know most of you are working in an office.

We don't include soup in our package since it easily gets spilled out during transportation. Please supplement by 2 liters of water per day which would help you lose belly fat, detox and at the same time enjoy a healthier lifestyle. You can add 1 small glass of fruit juice to your daily diet to boost up your metabolism.

Most meals come with sauces (we add meat stock together with low-calorie sugar to flavor up the sauce), please adjust to your own taste.

We offer a 10% discount for all Monthly Order. Each Monthly Order will be delivered continuously for 04 weeks. The final price for the Monthly Order will depend on the package of your choice. Please kindly contact our Fanpage for a detailed quote (m.me/fitfoodvietnam).

* Please kindly note that there are terms and conditions applied for the Monthly Order:

- The promotion is only applicable for customers who commit to using the service for 01 month or 04 weeks in equivalent. If you cancel mid-way, you will lose your payment and we will charge 100k for the monthly gift (if any).

- You can reserve your package if you are away for a maximum of 02 weeks. If you are away for more than 02 weeks, please kindly consider ordering the Weekly Package.
- We do offer our Monthly Order to skip a day or two if you are unable to receive the meals. However, the total number of skip days shall not exceed 03 within 01 month.

We offer a variety of payment methods, you can choose your preferred method during checkout. 

COD: If you choose to pay by cash, please kindly give it to the delivery guy on the first day of delivery. If you are too busy and unable to meet him, please leave an envelope at the reception with a note of your name and the payment amount.

Bank Transfer: If you have a Vietnam bank account, please choose Bank Transfer. Currently we offer VCB and ACB account. The Account Info details will be shown after check-out and 1 copy will be sent to your email

mPOS: If you have credit/debit card, please select mPOS, our delivery guy will give out the mobile POS when they deliver the food, so you can swipe your card on your own. Please kindly note that not all cards are accepted and sometimes the card reader may not work properly. We are working with the supplier to fix this issue soon. 

Depending on the fat percentage and your body type, each individual will see different visible results after a different period of time.

The first sight is fat loss in your belly in the first 1 - 2 weeks. Starting from the 3rd week, you may start losing your appetite, but this is the time that the program takes the most effect. If you can overcome the 3rd-week struggle, you will see the effect of our diet program on your body.

We do recommend a healthy diet along with a healthy lifestyle. Light exercise or yoga can accelerate the process. After a 3 to 4 weeks cleanse program, you could achieve a leaner body, less oily skin, more energetic and less digestive problems.

We are aware of the plastic waste that are caused by our containers, which is why we have several policies to reduce our environmental footprints:

1/ You can clean the Containers and send them to our delivery guys to get the refunds. We will issue a refund of 500 vnd/per box. All the containers depending on their conditions will be reused or sent back to the manufacturer for recycling. 

2/ We only provide 1 set of cutlery per day regardless of the number of meals in each package. We apologize for any inconvenience it may cause, but please help us clean and reuse. If you want NO Cutlery, please kindly keep them for 1 week, put them in a bag and send back to us on Friday. We deeply appreciated that!

3/ Our plastic bags are bio-degradable bags that were fully decomposed after 3 months under normal physical environmental conditions. We believe we are the only provider in this segment to do so. 

* Fitfood did try out Biodegradable Container made from sugarcane for several times. However, the box did not sustain and firm enough to ensure our food quality during transportation, which badly impacted our customer experience. We are still looking for an alternative solution yet environmental friendly. We will proudly announce the change once we found a suitable solution!

Fitfood does not follow low-carb or keto diet. 

We have a belief that a balanced diet should not totally remove all the carbohydrates. Instead, we alter them with complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, brown bread, cauliflower rice or whole-wheat pasta that have lower calories, higher portion of vitamins, minerals and also fiber, which helps you feel fuller.

We also use a variety of cooking methods such as grilling, steaming or stewing to remove the most amount of oil and saturated fat. We use brown sugar or honey with olive oil for the sauce as well as to marinate the meat. Our food is lightly seasoned with salt, pepper, and herbs to retain the original flavors at its best.

At Fitfood, cooked foods are immediately brought to the blast chiller to bring down the temperate to near zero in 60 minutes. This will minimize the growth of bacteria as well as lock up the vitamins and keep the food quality high. Our process was certified by Food Safety Management Authority of Ho Chi Minh City and highly recommended in the hospitality industry worldwide.

We will not deliver frozen or leftover food to you. All of the meals are prepared fresh daily and kept cool in the delivery insolation bag during transportation. Delivering hot/warm food in Saigon's weather can stimulate bacteria growth and make it easier to go stale.

Please store all the meals in the refrigerator right after you receive them to ensure the food quality is at its highest.