05 pack Brown Rice ready-to-eat

05 pack Brown Rice ready-to-eat


200 Gram/Pack

Set 05 bags of Ready To Eat Brown Rice will be delivered with your meal packages.

Ready To Eat Brown rice from Fitpack is a vacuum-sealed, ready-to-eat product.

Nutrition Facts in 100g Ready-to-eat Brown Rice: 245 Kcal, 25g Carb, 1g Fat, 2.8g Protein.

Each combo includes 5 packages: Traditional flavor -  3 packs, seaweed flavor - 1 pack and anchovy flavor - 1 pack

Net weight per bag is 200g with 2 packs of 100g rice. This set consists of 05 bags = 10 packs

* Usage Instruction

- The product is already fully cooked and ready to eat.

- To serve hot, reheat in the microwave for 2 minutes.

- Or immerse the bag in hot water (70 c) for 5-10 minutes (do not cut the bag)

*** Please kindly store the product in the fridge. The product has an expiry date of 03 months.

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