Juicy Chicken BOX

Juicy Chicken BOX


1000 Gram/Box

Juicy Chicken BOX is a collection of 15 best-seller products from Fitpack. All products comes with guaranteed tender texture. Nutrition facts are imprinted on each product label for ease of calculating macros/ calories intake.

Juicy Chicken BOX is a convenient, ready-to-eat solution that serves best for busy individuals. You only need 2 minutes to have a hearty healthy meal, either it is a tender Chicken Salad, Teriyaki Whole wheat burger, or a juicy chicken breast.

What is in the Juicy Chicken BOX?

02 packs Chicken Teriyaki (04 chicken patties)

04 whole wheat burger buns.

08 packs of Ready To Eat Chicken Breast 150g (8 flavors mixed)

03 Ready To Eat Brown Rice (Traditional flavor, seaweed flavor, anchovy flavor)

** Please kindly store the product in the fridge upon receive. The product has an expiry date of 03 months.

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