Herbal Tea Set

Herbal Tea Set


5 Bottles/Week

Herbal Tea Set is best to boost a metabolic process in which the body burns calories to produce heat. This popular drink in Asia has been infused into our Fitfoood add-on options. Drink Combo HERBAL TEA will be delivered with meal packages every day.

The set contains 05 following bottles:

+ Aloe vera chia seeds - Nha đam hạt chia

+ Longan Herbal Tea - Sâm mát nhãn nhục

+ Winter melon chia seed tea- Bí đao hạt chia

+ Ginseng red date tea - Nhân sâm táo đỏ

+ Chrysanthemum herbal tea - Bông cúc kỷ tử

***  HERBAL TEA SET from Fitpack - a collaboration with Fitfood - are cold herbal tea infusions homemade every day from natural ingredients. Please noted that the product uses Palm Sugar for sweetening purposes.

*** Herbal teas are entirely caffeine-free and are not made using any tea leaves. Instead, these herbal blends are made using spices, flowers, and leaves of a variety of other plants including fruits and herbs.

Please kindly refrigerate after receiving the juice and shake well before use.

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